My son is on speaker phone!  He won’t allow me to let the call go until I actually get this blog started. We’ve talked about my creating a blog many times in the past.  The blog was to become a platform for women like myself who suffer from PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder.)
PMDD is an affliction that maybe 3-10% of women suffer from.  When I began suffering from this thing that at best described as PMS on steroids, no one really knew what it was.  My doctor didn’t fully grasp what I was going through.  Perhaps she thought it was depression.  Who knew?  My friends and family didn’t.  My sister however the smart cookie she is researched my symptoms for months and armed me with newfound information.  She helped me see that I was not INSANE but suffering from something that at the time only maybe 3% of women had been thought to have this darkness take over their lives for about 10 days a month.
PMDD is what I am supposed to be blogging about…this PMDD almost killed me and took a lot of love and happiness away from my life. PMDD kept me alone and isolated and ashamed because I was too afraid to be labeled and regarded as having a crazy period every month.  My symptoms cut deep and the scars, love loss and triumph is what this blog is about.
I want to share my experience, listen to yours and share in a community where we can decide to be sane through this affliction that robs us of our sanity as violently and abruptly as a mugger would rip a purse off of an ususpecting shoulder. Leaving us feeling vulnerable and afraid.
I hope to hear from you.