PMDD MEI didn’t want to take Prozac after my experience with Lexapro.  I wanted to deal with my PMDD in isolation. However, I am a mother and being emotionally available was a challenge. I am a partner and I couldn’t show love or interest in much outside of my state of being. I also had a high-pressure sales job, so showing up and being on point was key to maintaining financial security

My partner suggested that I talk to my doctor and possibly find relief. Beat down by the realization that my life was falling apart talking about Prozac was a hard pill to swallow.

In retrospect I truly believed that I agreed to take this pill to be social and keep my shit together, but in actuality I took this pill because I was tired of cleaning up the after math of PMDD.  My life really was spiraling out, and I was exhausted and living my life at half staff. Trying to keep it together for the 10 days after getting off of the PMDD train from Crazy Town as I referred to it, I’d be manic making sure I showed up for life so that I could retreat effortlessly when I couldn’t.  There was a lot of pressure on everyone around me to get on board with my schedule. I certainly am grateful to those who stayed close despite my trips.