The in betweens of PMDD

Sometimes when I’m feeling great I’ll unintentionally deter from my self-care regimen.  I start mixing up my schedule to add some extra fun time.  All in all that shouldn’t be a problem for the average person but for my PMDD and me, time management absolutely must be in order.

I liken my responsibility to self-care to childcare.  With a small child you need to get a sitter to go out for adult time. My PMDD needs a nanny. Paying attention to myself in between the PMDD by taking birth control, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly and making sure I get plenty of rest allows me better access to my me time all month.

The Silver Lining of my PMDD is that it wants me to pay attention to myself so I can help keep the symptoms at bay. It helps me reign in the ropes when I see myself going too far off the self-help path. I don’t like to suffer and sometimes it’s completely unavoidable, but it hurts a little less when I am aware of being kind and loving to myself and in good spirits.

Tonight I will meditate and tap into another source of healing my spirit.

Writing about it helps… #decidedlySane.