Plank for PMDD

Plank for PMDD

My emotions have been colliding on a daily basis and this month I’ve decided to try some new tactics to get past some very overwhelming moments. When my mind would race and anxiety would strike, I would perform a series of effective exercises that would not only increase my heart rate in an instant, but also bring my mind immediate relief.

  •  I planked for 30 -60 seconds and followed up with 10 pushups that ended in downward dog.
  •  I swung a 20lb kettle ball.  This is a tricky exercise, but feeling a shift in the focus from my own weight to that of the kettle ball brought me relief.
  • I ran up the steps and had to catch my breath.  It felt better than wanting to throw myself against the walls in the elevator.

PMDD  is an affliction that holds my mind and body hostage and there is always a ransom to be paid to get myself back. I’ve only recently begun to learn how to negotiate with some success. I’m still in it, but wanted to reach out to share about where I am.