Deciding to be Sane in PMDD

Deciding to be Sane in PMDD

Living with PMDD and inundated with opportunity to be connected to the universe, a higher power and speaking our truth from the heart is why I decided to chime in with Decidedly Sane.  I suffer from PMDD but my life is bigger than that and I exist in a world that is run on self-will and Darwinism.

I work in sales and marketing and so my daily life consists of asking myself a few basic questions. Who can I connect with?  What can I offer? And will this help us?  Their business is my bottom-line. Seems counter intuitive to my spiritual practice, however, this is the way of the world.

The way we communicate has shifted from picking up the phone to pinging, tweeting and posting snippets of information. Ideas are eminent to cutting through the clutter.  Sharing as quickly and efficiently as possible before picking up the phone to introduce who we are or where we are from is where evolution hangs it hat. It’s the survival of the quickest.

We must take up as little space as possible to get someone’s attention. Everyone has an idea. Everyone has a story. Today we connect if 140 characters can seduce us.  In PMDD it’s difficult to run the race of social media, pinging tweeting and finally picking up the phone. My voice rests in my heart and my heart is dark in PMDD.

There is a way to be decidedly sane at work in PMDD. We can continue to do our jobs if we embrace all of the tools of communication that the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world have brought to the table.  Do not isolate.  Do your best to connect, communicate and move the needle of progress in your life one-connection, tweet or status update at a time?

Live your hearts truth.  Seek to connect with the ideas that propel your spirit.  Be mindful of your sanity and love your body. Decide to not lose your essence in the grips of PMDD. Make use all the assets available in our society today.  You never have to suffer alone and you don’t need to lose yourself entirely to PMDD,  depression or a hardship.  Whatever ails your spirit,  you can be mindful.

Be #decidedlySane.