Sometimes it's just a bad day

Sometimes it’s just a bad day

I moved from NYC almost two years ago to Philly and am having a hard time finding a place to call my home in my career.  I’ve been fortunate to meet very “nice” people.   Some extremely intelligent people and really some not so savvy people…so that’s life right?  This is what makes the world an interesting place to be.  The diversity of people’s characteristics, temperaments and interests is wonderful in concept, but on the verge of PMDD it can be quite the cause of conflict within my “evolved” sense of consciousness.

PMDD helps me become disinterested and it’s a great excuse to vent about the injustices of the work place, hierarchy and even be a little bitchy with my co workers.  My PMDD can be such a worm ruining the bunch of months I’ve worked so hard in laying down the foundation for my future in business.  Just one day can undo it all with a sudden outburst.  An inappropriate knee jerked reaction in the work space can undermine all I’ve done up until that point and ruin my work rep. This happens at home too where I assume is a more forgiving environment, but I am talking about work.

The reality is that my day didn’t start on the right foot at work.  It wasn’t the end of the world and I certainly won’t quit over it, but it was a shitty day and a shitty day is just that.  PMDD is not always the culprit of a shitty day although it definitely has made its way into my barometer.  “Am I in PMDD or is this a shitty situation?” That’s how I stay right sized and somewhat in reality because sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I can’t honestly tell the difference and my ego wants the kudos for all.  Good or bad.  My ego is starving for attention and that’s another constant realignment…