Last year I took a chance and decided to help put myself on the hook and become #decidedlySane. I was so afraid of living alone in PMDD. This “affliction” wants me to isolate, be in constant pain and curl up to die. I dreaded the thought of living half a life until I become menopausal and then graduate to that level of hormonal abyss.

I’m not a passive person unless there’s some aggression to accompany for balance or imbalance. Depends on how you look at the glass. Anyway, I applied to be considered to for an episode on a new reality series that promised to promote and suggest healthy alternatives to increasing ones quality of life. I thought this would be the perfect platform for me to introduce my PMDD. I thought if I had been home suffering and happened to come across someone like me on TV talking about this affliction, I probably wouldn’t have suffered as much as I had. No one was talking about PMDD. Not even my doctors!!! The litany of loss I experienced; my self-esteem, relationship issues, depression and suicidal thoughts were only the beginning of each ten day monthly trip in PMDD. The loss of a budding career was the last straw before I began to try to escape the monthly wrath.

Finally we are at the premier of this new show. This Monday February 9th @ 9pm Eastern Standard Time on the Zliving Network. It’s been one year since we taped and I’m excited to see how they pulled all of the pieces together. The show is called Natural Reboot and it’s on a new network called ZLiving. Watch the series. The producers were the most sympathetic, down to earth and wonderful people I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. The team of healers and coaches were phenomenal in helping me achieve my breakthrough in becoming DecidedlySane.

My world has changed for good.